“Dear child has many names”, and Brussels is definitely one of those cities which is beloved amongst both Europeans and others.

There’s much more to it, than bureaucracy, Manneken Pis, Grand Place, great Belgian waffles, extraordinary belgique chocolate and the European Commission…

For instance, you shouldn’t miss one of the most unpretentious, beautiful, loving, coolest hotels ever; The Vintage Hotel. The rooms differentiates from each other, the staff is great – and so is the location.

Also, be sure to make a visit (and tasting…) at the luxury chocolaterie Pierre Marcolini. If there’s a heaven, this is probably it! And if you’re into art, you’ll probably love the René Magritte museum. Of course it will be necessary with a lovely drink after a visit to the museum; grab a cab and go to the Place Flagey and Café Belga, where you’ll find all the Belgians and not the tourists only.



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